Garage Roof Replacement DIY.wmv

Replacing a flat felt roof with a pitched tile roof DIY.
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Garage Roof Replacement DIY.wmv — 34 Comments

  1. Excellent job, well done, I'm doing the same thing myself, about to replace an old felt flat roof with my own tiled pitched roof. Can I ask what the total cost was including all materials?

  2. Well done ya old bastard!
    You've done more than I can say for my old man. He's 70 also… Only difference is he sits at home and plays solitaire on the computer.

  3. What an excellent job! Chapeau!
    I have to place a pitched roof on top of a flat garage roof, so your video with your explanations is a great inspiration for me. Thanks a lot for sharing your work!

  4. Planning Permission
    Before I stared the job I e mailed Rugby Council Planning department and explained what I wanted to do, including two pictures. They came back and said providing the new roof was within the envelope of the existing building I did not require planning approval. To cover my ass I went back and said I confirm that I am going ahead with this new roof. It will not be higher than the existing bungalow roof and not longer than the existing garage. Heard no more

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