How to remove shingles to do a repair

Removing 3-tab shingles using a flat bar to do a repair.
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How to remove shingles to do a repair — 25 Comments

  1. Thank you for your clear explanation and demonstration. This was exactly what I needed to see to make sure that I wasn't missing a key step. Your explanation of how to remove the old shingles, as well as where and how many nails to apply to the new shingles helped me do my repairs with confidence.

  2. Thanks for the instruction. I need to take a single shingle out for warranty claim. The roofing company which installed my home shingles charge me $ 250 for removing a single shingle. Now I will do it myself. Your instructions help tremendously. Thanks again.

  3. This video is very helpful, and I really appreciate you taking the time to share this information. It helps homeowners like me make our own repairs when we're short on funds. Thank you!

  4. Thank you my friends family have gotten use to a leak it's strange how people can get use to crappy situations anyway I hope I can fix it and this video is a no nonsense practical shingle job thanks again

  5. I'm not sure why there are any down votes here. I used this video to replace several shingles after a large oak tree branch went through the roof and it looks great. This video gives you everything you need to know without a bunch of nonsense.

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