How to REPLACE A ROOF TILE – How to change a leaking roof tile.wmv

For Videos and instructions on replacing all types of common roof tile or roof slate see here… This Video …
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How to REPLACE A ROOF TILE – How to change a leaking roof tile.wmv — 29 Comments

  1. Hi i have a realy problem, my roof has been leaking in to the cavity i have got a broken tile. i'm a carpenter so used to roofs, so i thought strip the tiles and replace the felt in this area. but all of the roof is nailed and every tile has got tile clips on the bottom left…. Easy i here every one say but the leak is the bottom right of the roof and the roof laps meen that these tiles was lade first. so do i have to cut the clips with a slate ripper and lever up every nail back on a 45 deg angle from this corner ? Please help Mark

  2. Your videos you have transformed my approach to fixing my troublesome roof. Having invested in a scaffold tower I can tackle tiles to speakers to pointing confidently.Brilliant. You are the man.

  3. Hi, I have a low pitched roof approx 15 degrees with a keylight window, the tiles are Cambrian and I have at least one cracked tile I would like to replace. I have seen the redland video on how to install but can't find anything on how to remove a damaged cambrian tile. Should I leave it to the professionals or have you any advise on how I can replace it.

  4. Your videos are absolutely superb! As a mechanical engineer I have no problem in producing in metals to 0.005mm but this kind of stuff I need for home I am lost on. Until now

  5. Brilliant. I have a mould patch in the top corner of my son's room. It's the outer wall. I noticed that a tile over the area was lifted by a good quarter inch and Moss was growing in it. I feel confident now to at least remove a few tiles and investigate. Thank you so much.

  6. I had a similar problem this week and a local roofer told me there were holes in the felt cos the building's roof is really old like the one in video. He quoted me 450 for one section that seems to need repair halfway. The property is ex-council 3 bed house. Is that a fair quote?

  7. Unbelievably generous of you to share all of the "trade" knowledge in your video's. De-mistify's the whole thing. Well done you. I hope that you can help me with one point, I have the small clay type tiles on my roof, very fragile. Can you tell me the best way to walk on them, I don't have a cat ladder.
    Thanks in advance, and keep 'em coming.

  8. Great videos thoughtful and precise and still open to improvements of future innovation/methods. I love how the Authoritarian cowboys keep posting (untalented bureaucrats -they always burn there toast but will always order YOU to call the fire brigade!  If the world started with these types we would still be shunting the square wheel. Any innovative peasant brave enough to experiment with prior knowledge would automatically be sent to the ducking pond and declared innocent after drowning. When the resources finally dwindle Authoritarianism will ultimately rely on us (again) to pull there pants back up in a bewildered fashion…

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