How to Replace broken common Interlocking Roof Tiles

In this video we take a closer look at replacing common interlocking concrete or clay roofing tiles. If you have a broken roof tile this video will show you the best …
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How to Replace broken common Interlocking Roof Tiles — 20 Comments

  1. hey do you provide a no leak warranty with your repairs? and if not what type of warranty do ya provide? just curious is all I own a roof repair only company also but I'm in the states

  2. Mate, I have watched many "how-to" videos on YouTube, motorcycle maintenance, gardening, construction, electrical etc etc. This is the BEST, clearest, most professional and most helpful one I have ever seen. Great job and thanks.

  3. Do you have a video showing how to get the nails back into the tiles you removed them from? I think that would have been useful as reinstatement of existing tiles that had to be disturbed is just as important as the one being replaced. If you do have a video for this can you give us the link? many thanks.

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