How To Replace One Shingle [3-tab style]

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How To Replace One Shingle [3-tab style] — 27 Comments

  1. I gave this video a thumbs up because it was coherent, quick, and it satisfied the title. I see where a lot of perfectionists chose to make a negative comment about the lack of tar paper/felt. To repair that flaw the whole roof must come off. That is not the title of this video. I need to replace one damaged shingle, and now, I think I know the tools I need as well as the technique that I'll use. Thanks, Shannon. You did enough, but you could have added your name, your phone number, your location, and the name of your business.

  2. It appears that old organic shingles were being worked on there – left a crease in one tab and other damage to the surrounding shingles. Fiberglass reinforced shingles should be less prone to damage and more flexible.

  3. Your video is a lot higher quality than the others I've seen! Thank you. The only part I had difficulty with is seeing which shingle you were planning on removing at the start since they are laid out so consistently.

  4. Hey Houseimprovements…. great videos! super time-savers. I've got two things for you.. 1. what is your name, so I can properly address you 🙂 build that brand! 2. I made a donation and it was a real pain in the ass (I am an American). Can you make it easier??

  5. Everyone is getting hung up there isn't felt or anything under the shingles. I'm guessing that's a detached garage that's not insulated. I wouldn't expect there to be felt or tar paper under the shingles. I know my detached garage doesn't have any and it doesn't bother me one bit. It's been around 50 years and no whatsoever on my roof sheeting.

  6. fucking idiot you didn't know that the nails on the the shingle above are also holding the shingle that you wanted to removed.
    you found out that when you wanted to pull the shingle after uou removed the 4 first nails

  7. Good video as always. Would there be a concern if you're doing this in winter? Would there be a higher chance for the tabs to break off while you lift them as the cold makes them more brittle?

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