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Pop up camper roof replacement / fabrication — 9 Comments

  1. I have a similar unit. bought for 900. sprung a leak last year just before winter set in. so it spent the whole winter under a tarp with a leak. there is substantial rot at the back. what would you recomend for a proper repair without any access to a shop(all work done outside) in a climate prone to rainstorms(less than half of the weekends are completely dry). I did a quick fix using longer screws and applied new sealant but it wont save it from another winter.

  2. Also make sure you measure from the bottom of the side panels (with the lower gasket extrusion removed), to the top or bottom of the canvas extrusion. (to ease reinstall in the exact height as original).

  3. Sorry for the delay in responding,
    The removal of the old roof required first removing all curtains, strips, and upper canvas mounting extrusions (very simple as everything is screwed to the original roof frame).
    next step is to remove all aluminum extrusion trim, again very simple as everything is screwed together. We labeled all parts for the correct locations.
    roof was then lowered to sit on 2×4's. final dismantling / demo by sawzall.

    The new roof raises very easily, and increases headroom dramatically.
    I honestly cannot feel the difference in weight, but definitely in strength.

    Video of the completed project will be posted shortly.


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