Putting A New Roof On The Old Storage Building

In the ongoing saga of the old storage building… this is the roof replacement. I’m going with a corrugated metal roof this time.
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Putting A New Roof On The Old Storage Building — 23 Comments

  1. I always stack the sheets (half for right hand side and half for left hand side) and pre-drill fastener holes. This way the screws are PERFECTLY straight and spaced… AND, you dont have to push too hard to penetrate steel panels. Also use a string ling to keep bottom edge straight. NEVER walk on top of these 29 ga panels…. they will smush!

  2. Well the good thing is (maybe?) Even if the structure starts collapsing, you might recover your materials and use them on a new build…..How about skinning the exterior walls with that same metal too?? Unless you love the peeling paint look (LEAD in paint??)

  3. It is always a pleasure to see a man who knows what he is doing, doing it!¬† If you know what I mean.¬† Being an old single woman, I have a hard time finding someone to help out who knows what they are doing and will do it….lol¬† Except when I can snatch up my grandson, now he's a hard worker.¬† Thanks for taking us along on your job.¬† Good work.¬† God bless.

  4. This video really helped me a lot. I wanted to do a storage shed with a metal roof, and this video has all the answers to what I need to know about a metal roof system. I have lots of metal from a new/old metal shed I purchased years ago, and decided on a wood frame later on. Now, the new/old shed will work great for the roof.   Thank you!

  5. Are the screw holes already in the metal or did you have to drill them? Do the screws allow water to come in around them? I have never done a metal roof before. Thank you for the video.

  6. Putting the roof isn't tough, it's all those trips up and down the ladder that get ya!
    First time I've ever head the phrase put that way… "if it's good, screw it!" lol

  7. For a good video, and also very good job you did I have a shed them think about doing the same thing with. But I've been looking at some plastic material that looks just like that material. I'm also considering cost and how long it'll last. My roof is a flat roof that pitches slightly back. I have a question could you have just screwed directly to the roof itself instead of using the pieces of wood that were so many inches apart?

    Thank you very much

  8. Alan: It is always a great feeling to do a job that you have been putting off. One more thing off the to do list. Only the birds and squirrels will notice the screws. Water does the most damage to wooden buildings. Saving a sound building is always worth the effort. Nice video and job! Bernard

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