REPAIR ROOF SHINGLES – Replace Missing Aspahlt Roofing Shingles Step by Step Guide

HOW TO REPAIR ROOF SHINGLES – Replace Missing Aspahlt Roofing Shingles Step by Step Guide Part two starts at 9:26 Learn how to perform a DIY (Do It …
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REPAIR ROOF SHINGLES – Replace Missing Aspahlt Roofing Shingles Step by Step Guide — 29 Comments

  1. It's unfortunate that no one has requested permission to use my video. It is being used to advertise your company for getting leads. That was not it's intended purpose. Please remove.

  2. Yes great videos now if I just can get plywood I need to fix my 900square foot shop ill be great one day at a time an always prayer think I might go with tin do to income ssi isn't much these days but I do the best I can may you all stay bless have a wonderful evening thank you so much for sharing your 📷 very helpful

  3. This is the first video I've viewed so far in my search for "How to repair roof shingles."  It was extremely helpful.  I'm going to attempt a repair myself and I'm no kind of handyman.  At first I wondered why on earth you were ripping out perfectly good shingles around the missing one….LOL…..and I was a bit dismayed by all the fancy-looking tools you used….going to try a weed ripper that I just bought that looks mighty similar to your nail puller!  And a good basic hammer with a claw on the end should work as well.  I hope….

  4. My girlfriend's brother volunteered to do my roof (to repay a loan) and I was led to believe he knew what he was doing at least according to him. I live on what can be a very windy hill and he didn't nail the shingles properly, putting four nail near the top as opposed to where the lines are for the nails, nor did he pull the cellophane from the glue strips which would have allowed the shingles to be better held down. Consequently the first good wind we got sent shingles flying as well as folding over. Now I get to go up and try and put everything back where it belongs and do it right or pay someone to do it.

  5. Dam you have crappy shingles. Only tiny line of tar underneath each piece nowonder they get lifted up with wind.

    Kerabit or Icopal makes shingles that half area of underside is self sealing membrane (tar) which mean shingles stick to each other with help of sun and won't get ever blown away with wind nor water can pass between each layer.

    Also you should use sealant which is made of tar.

  6. I need to go up there on the roof but I weigh nearly 300lbs so I'm waiting until it warms up a little. I see a lot of the shingles flopping up in the wind. Should I seal those with the adhesive you used while I'm replacing the missing shingles or does the fact that they're flopping up like that mean that they're already broken?

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