Rust Repair Made Easy-Car Roof Replacement-Part 13-Using Sheet Metal

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Rust Repair Made Easy-Car Roof Replacement-Part 13-Using Sheet Metal — 27 Comments

  1. I LIKE THE WAY YOU'RE ONE DEDICATED SOGun, and I really like the way you train that boy of yours,thx for all the videos of how to do it,i've done it for along time,but I like new wrinkles,god bless you and your family PETE

  2. Good work Pete. I had to replace the torque boxes, lower rear quarter, and patch inside the dog house on my Ford Maverick. People asked me, " What's taking so long?"
    I say, " Buddy, when you've replace body panels then you can ask me that question. Its a one man wrecking crew over here."

  3. You want to use 0.23 for sheet metal, you can use 0.30 if you want but you have to turn your heat and speed way down and if your not careful it will just melt everything up and make a mess…

  4. Thank you sir!well i found your vids while searching for how to sand properly ,i have been trying to learn how to paint .i used your vids and took the knowledge to paint my motorcycle came out good know want to work on my 82 chevy,and sand her down and do body work could you let me know the grit of sand paper in steps before primer,than after

  5. Hey there Pete here in Houston there charging 75 to $80 an hr for auto repairs & body work ! I know that's Alot of money,I have an 95 white C1500 that the paint is checking off and has poll damage on the right Qtr panel my aunt rubbed the entery gate! roughly what would such a Job run ?

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