Rust Repair Made Easy-Car Roof Replacement-Part 6-Using An Air Hammer

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Rust Repair Made Easy-Car Roof Replacement-Part 6-Using An Air Hammer — 34 Comments

  1. I'm doing the exact same thing to a 67 Le Mans for my bro…what if the cancer has spread to the panel under the rear windshield?…cuz I have a donor roof and it's tied into that area which is a plus cuz they both need replacing. But this only shows a roof panel replacement?

  2. all great teachers repeat their selves , and only the dumb asses get offended , the ones with the will to learn take that as something very important , and listen and watch with even more attention to detail , I hope like hell I never have to do this repair , but if I ever do , I will know how , and ya know what ? I can say my friend pete showed me how !! and even yelled at me too 🙂 swrnc is learning and entertainment all in one GOOD JOB PETE !!

  3. There's alot of products on the market that claim to do alot of stuff, this one sounds like one of those products, I always stick to the golden rule, if it works don't change it. NO Ive never heard of dip your car, sounds a bit hokey to me. Take it easy. Pete

  4. I don't know if you have heard of this crap but its called dip your car and its a rubber based paint and I don't know if its a cheap alternative or its just shit do you have anything about that?

  5. Hi Pete! Nifty tool you made there. Bet they make it but at a price, and you knocked one out in like 10mins. That's thinking on your feet in a nutshell. !0 out of ten that the kid doesn't need to be told to think safety gear….0 for thinking of his boss! P.S watching those darn ads in the hope the few bucks help go to getting you that compressor.

  6. Knew this guy had an old rusty 4wd, came out one day and the whole roof had blown off, leaving the inner structure just like in the video. It was time to say goodbye to that one after that.

  7. Man, that's a hellacious job. You have to do all that work of drilling the spot welds on the project roof , and chiseling them out, and then you have to repeat that on the donor roof. That's not even starting the welding of the *new* roof on the project car. I'm sure Pete will get it done, despite Swampy's interfering.

  8. Pete you couldnt have better timing for me I have a 72 Dodge Challenger im thinking about doing this too, most of the roof is good but right at the seam where the top goes together its rusted out not real sure if I can just patch that part or if i should do what your doing? Thanks

  9. From the factory they would put the sealant on, lay the roof on, then auto-spot weld it in place, then they would go back over the drip rails and seam seal again. When replaceing a top like we are doing, there will be no seam sealer applied till all welding and grinding is finished.

  10. i no that i am jumping the gun but how do you weld the new skin back on with the sealent around the roof lid is it a high temperature sealant ??? thanks for the videos never seen anything like this done before, cheers!!

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