Shingle Roof Replacement by Roof Solutions

Watch as our professionally trained roofing crew replaces an asphalt shingle roof with a new Certainteed Landmark asphalt shingle roof. You will see how we …
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Shingle Roof Replacement by Roof Solutions — 17 Comments

  1. Do you people understand that if you do not apply the ice shield down over the gutter board 3" between the gutter and fascia that you will have ice water back up inside the gap between the fascia and first sheathing board. Drip edge does not keep ice water out! Remove gutter and install it correctly. Drip edge was only designed to keep shingles from drooping into the gutter and to cover the edge of the black of 30# and ice shield. So this crew is only as smart as the boss isn't.

  2. You shouldn't use the nail guns to install the ridge cap on that kind of ridge vent. Coil nails will loosen because they aren't reaching the deck under the ridge vent. Caps will blow off over time. I would have to of used just a little larger counter flashing over the entry way and the chimney. Maybe White instead of black on the counter. Although it wasn't to bad of a job done. You took the time to replace the board at the bottom edge…that no doubt showed signs of rot because of ice and water back up in the gutters. Ladder kick-outs for the gutter would have been cool. We can probably pick it apart all day long. Using staples on the metal drip edge…this isn't good because the wind can grab it and start to loosen it until eventually a large section starts to lift. Should nail the metal edging. I'm sure the owner of the roofing company got paid though. Where is a decent roofing consultant when you need one. Not that I ever thought much of them in all my years roofing. LOL!

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  5. Probably not a good video to put on youtube. These guys are improperly removing and handling asbestos shingles. You can't throw ACM (asbestos containing materials) from the roof. They also have to be double bagged in proper poly, marked containers for proper disposal.
    The installation looks great. No argument there.
    I just would not publish a non compliant asbestos removal.

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