Slide Out Roof Replacement

This video demonstrates how Gulf Stream Service Technicians replace a slide out roof without removing the entire slide out.
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Slide Out Roof Replacement — 11 Comments

  1. Had to replace my small slid out roof completely. Watched this video before I tackled the project. I see they are from Gulfstream which is what I have.  It gave me insight on what to do. But my slid out was totally rotten so had to start from scratch with new material. They showed a screw in the ends to release the top. Mine had many staples and the screw had rusted so many of them broke off. What I thought would take me maybe 2 days to do, I will be starting my 4th day tomorrow and hope to have 90% done. I would help to have a plat form to stand on and all the right screws, tools. But in closing, this video did help. Thanks guys.

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